Piotr Andrejew

Tender Spots

Czułe miejsca

Genre:Psychological, Drama, Fantasy
Year of production:1980
Technical specs:black and white; 90 min.

Rights:Wytwórnia Filmów Dokumentalnych i Fabularnych - WFDiF (Documentary and Feature Film Studios)

An apocalyptic vision of the future when there are no more raw resources or water, the air is contaminated and human existence depends to a large extent on electrical energy. There’s a power system breakdown and only one man can prevent the final disaster – a TV editor – Jan Zaleski. At the end of the 20th century the human race is facing an ecological disaster. People are running out of energy resources and water, which makes their value skyrocket. Atmosphere contamination allows to live only in closed spaces. One of the numbers functioning in this world is 13-13 Jan Zaleski, a TV editor. Aspiring to have a higher standard of life and trying to attract the dancer’s Ewa attention, he makes electronic toys and looks for production possibilities. Ewa dreams of a TV star career and a famous producer Allan Kowalski is willing to help her. Jan forces his supervisors to promote him, he moves to a better district and wins acclaim as an expert working without a flaw detector. Unfortunately Ewa chooses Adam and soon they are to play the leading roles in a TV show. The highlight of the show is a Ewa and Allan’s love-making scene. Desperate Jan destroys the devices, which proves to be an element of the program planned by the producer, which pushes Jan to attempt a suicide. Ewa is successful and becomes a great TV star. Jan changes. He comes back to work though it no longer gives him satisfaction. On the New Year’s Eve in 1998 a disaster comes. The main power system breaks down and the blackout spreads across more and more regions. A man with specific skills is needed and the system selects Jan Zaleski. Lieutenant Chałatek is assigned with the task to find and deliver the potential savior of humankind.

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