Jerzy Antczak

Princess Cosel

Hrabina Cosel

Genre:Melodrama, Historical
Year of production:1968
Technical specs:color; 140 min.

Rights:National Film Archive – Audiovisual Institute, WFDiF (Documentary and Feature Film Studios)

An epic historical romance starring great actors. Adaptation of the novel by Józef Ignacy Kraszewski, one of the most prolific Polish writers. Memorable music by Waldemar Kazanecki. One of the many productions created thanks to collaboration of the film director Jerzy Antczak and the actress Jadwiga Brańska, who are a married couple in their private life. The film tells the story of a stormy relationship between Augustus II the Strong and Anna Hoym – Countess Cosel. The beginning of the 18th century. Having been defeated in the Northern Wars Augustus II the Strong loses the crown of Poland. To divert the king’s thoughts his advisors bring the young wife of Count Hoym to the court. The monarch is enchanted by the beautiful and feisty Anna, however the ambitious woman does not want to be his next short-lived love affair. She convinces Augustus to sign a promissory note to marry her. Her involvement in politics does not win her popularity on the court and the king himself disapproves of it as well. Under the influence of his surroundings the bored ruler decides to replace his lover with another one, however the wounded woman refuses to give up without a fight. Alongside a feature film a three-episode TV series was made, which was broadcast on TV in a black and white version.

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