Julian Antonisz

Practical Advice on how to Prolong Your Life

Kilka praktycznych sposobów na przedłużenie sobie życia

Genre:Non- camera Animation
Year of production:1974
Technical specs:color; 13 min.
Aspect ratio:1.85:1

Production:Studio Filmów Animowanych, Kraków (Animated Films Studio, Krakow)
Rights:Filmoteka Narodowa-Instytut Audiowizualny (National Film Archive – Audiovisual Institute)


Filmoteka Narodowa-Instytut Audiowizualny (National Film Archive-Audiovisual Institute)

A surreal live-action and animated story about the inevitability of aging and various ways of delaying the process, which include magnetising your head, hibernating at home or using electricity to stimulate the teeth growth centres in the cerebral cortex.

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