Piotr Andrejew



Genre:Drama, Sport
Year of production:1979
Technical specs:color; 97 min.

Rights:Wytwórnia Filmów Dokumentalnych i Fabularnych - WFDiF (Documentary and Feature Film Studios)

Directorial debut of Piotr Andrejew, considered as “cinema of moral anxiety”. Filmed in a paradocumentary style, emphasized by dynamic editing and seemingly amateur camera work – shooting from the hand, from an unconventional perspective, takes that are underexposed or cropped in a unique way. A story about dreams and the price one has to pay for them. Tadeusz "Pałka" Pałczyński, former boxer, and currently an alcoholic living in the realm of dreams of the foregone fame opens a boxing club in a small town. Jerzy “Olej” Olejniczak becomes his right hand. He’s an unruly laborer and amateur artist. During fights watched by important sport activists “Olej” has to replace an absent boxer. Unexpectedly he wins the game, which opens him the door to a great career. To make it to the top the character will have to find a way to adapt to the rules imposed by the world of professional sport without losing his own identity. The character’s training session before the boxing game in Chicago refers to the iconic scenes from the film “Rocky”.

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