Julian Antonisz

Beggar's Blues Non Camera or the Bucket Kicked

Dziadowski blues non camera, czyli nogami do przodu

Genre:Non- camera Animation
Year of production:1978
Technical specs:color; 7 min.
Aspect ratio:1.85:1

Production:Studio Filmów Animowanych, Kraków (Animated Films Studio, Krakow)
Rights:Filmoteka Narodowa-Instytut Audiowizualny (National Film Archive – Audiovisual Institute)

Filmoteka Narodowa-Instytut Audiowizualny (National Film Archive-Audiovisual Institute)

The world subject to increasing destruction. Tanks, rockets, submarines, falling bombs. Thunder, lightning, fallen trees. Colliding cars, serious accidents, disasters. Crooked human faces, stamps crushing a man, section signs that bring equal harm, eyes coming out of their sockets. A knife in the eye, a halved skull, a man sawing through the branch he is sitting on. A woman under a lantern, a blow to the jaw, vodka pouring in streams, a grave. All set to the rhythm of the beggar's ballad, full of despair and pain, where the protagonist doesn’t understand the surrounding reality at all. And then the final inscription: E = mc². This is the paranoid world that appears in this pulsating reflection of the 'non-camera' direct animation technique by Julian Józef Antonisz.

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